Maladaptive Dreaming

Maladaptive Dreaming

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Maladaptive Dreaming

Cocoa Shrimp Safari is a promising addition to the Portuguese psychedelic pop scene, characterized by its powerful rhythmic essence, expansive soundscapes, and introspective character. Drawing on his background in drumming, Luís Almeida's creative passion and desire for sonic exploration led him to explore new musical territories with the guitar, bass, and synthesizer, ultimately resulting in the production of his latest EP. Notably, the entire EP was produced, recorded, and mixed by Almeida himself, serving as a genuine reflection of his artistic journey of exploration. The EP is a journey of self-discovery, as it plunges into a sea of sound colors and boldly experiments with various psychedelic, pop, and rock elements. As a debut release, it represents a search for a distinctive style and a process of self-discovery in shaping Almeida's musical identity.

Video Production: Dead Pomb

Directed and Edited Dolores

Music Luís Almeida

Production and Mixing
Luís Almeida

Mastering João Vilar

Special thanks to everyone who made this video possible

Daniel Santos

João Mesquita

Raquel Queirós

Samuel Felisberto

Simão Lima

Tomás Reis

Wynton Guess