Dolores, whose real name is Tiago Alexandre Angeja Abade, was born on October 9th, 1993, in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a multifaceted artist who works as a director, photographer, and producer. In 2018, he graduated from ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management and set out to pursue his passion for art and cinema by delving into photography and filmmaking.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, he participated in a filmmaking initiative and completed his first short film, Raquelaria, in 2020. The film has been showcased at various international film festivals in cities such as Lisbon, Portugal, and Córdoba, Argentina, since then.

Beyond my creative pursuits, I've exhibited my photography internationally, in 2023. In Tribeca, New York, my work adorned The Holy Art exhibition, showcasing the diverse narratives captured through my lens. Additionally, I've held impactful exhibitions at the LAR project in Ferroviário (April) and Verde-Lima (September), connecting with audiences who appreciate the power of visual storytelling.

Dolores is also the founder of Dead Pomb, a production company that has produced music videos for artists and bands such as Rafa, Ceuta, Herdade das Pontas, Luís Almeida, Cocoa Shrimp Safari, João Mesquita and Francisco Mascaralhas.

As his creative journey unfolds, he's currently studying documentary filmmaking at KINO-DOC in Lisbon, gaining innovative insights and technical skills. 

He's excited to share upcoming projects. Co-directing with Wynton Guess, our short film 'Dr. Vilar' is set to release soon in 2024. Additionally, mark your calendars for a photography exhibition in June, 2024 at Com Calma - Espaço Cultural, where his visual narratives will come to life. Join him on this exciting exploration of storytelling through film and photography.

Moving Pictures

2020 - short film "Raquelaria"

2024 - short film "Dr. Vilar" 

Music Videos

Fev 2024 - "ponto." by rafa.

Jan 2024 - "Num Dia" by João Mesquita

Nov 2023 - "Cometa" by Francisco Mascarenhas feat. rafa.

Sep 2023 - "a gente canta." by rafa.

Jul 2022 - "Borsch" by João Mesquita

Dez 2021 - "Maladaptive Dreaming" by Cocoa Shrimp Safari

Nov 2021 - "Almejo a Manhã" by Ceuta

Jun 2021 - "Galo de Barcelos" by Herdade das Pontas

Nov 2020 - "Sniff the Coco" by Herdade das Pontas

Jul 2020 - "Quem te viu e Quem te vê" by Ceuta


Jun 2024 - solo exhibition "A de Lisboa" at Com Calma - Espaço Cultural, Lisbon, Portugal

Oct 2023 - group exhibition "The Holy Art" at Tribeca, New York, United States of America

Sep 2023 - group exhibition "LAR" at Verde-Lima, Lisbon, Portugal

Apr 2023 - group exhibition "LAR" at Ferroviário, Lisbon, Portugal


2024 - Course in Documentary at Kino-Doc, Lisbon, Portugal

2019 - Postgraduate Course in Develoment and International Cooperation at ISEG, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Bachelors in Economics at ISEG, Lisbon, Portugal